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Chris Hungerland, '58
Bainbridge Island, WA
Email:  hungerland@earthlink.net

Chris attended and worked at the Desert Sun School from 1947 to 1962.  He sent in the following update:

It didn't really take me that long to "graduate" from DSS!  I went to the first grade at DSS the first year it was in Idyllwild full-time.  Then I went back as a summer camp counselor from junior high school through college graduation.  Finally came to my senses and married Buff Crowder, another 'summer alum'.  I count my self (and Buff) as DSS alumni for all the coats of paint I put on the lodge porch, all the tent platforms I put up and took back down, and for the time Phil Groves and I painted "Mamie Eisenhower eats ping pong balls" on the side of the propane tank (in it's old location...above the road to Steele gym).  We're trying to locate another counselor form that same time frame.  Her name was Meg (Marguerite) Courtney.  Her mom had a big A-frame home up in Fern Valley.  I'd like to contact her because of news about a mutual friend whom she hasn't seen for years.  I haven't seen her for years either.  Any and all leads will be greatly appreciated!

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