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The Evolution of an Idea
The History and Philosophy of The Desert Sun School
By Richard W. Elliott
May 3, 1965

My Memories of Desert Sun School (1930's)
Marlou Rau Belyea

Lost DSS Class of '67 ring found on Waikiki beach, returned to alum in California

Edith Elliott announces her retirement to the Desert Sun School students, 1971

Desert Sun School Dating Procedure, 1964

Desert Sun School Alma Mater, 1964

Desert Sun School Alumni List, pre-1941

Property Records

The Final Months of the Desert Sun School & TEPPS
Riverside Press-Enterprise & Los Angeles Times Articles, 1990-1992

Elliott-Pope grads get diplomas
(The final graduation ceremony held on campus)
Sunday, June 3, 1990

Finance problem sinks Elliott-Pope private school
(Board of trustees votes to close the school after 60 years of operation)
November 30, 1990

Desert Sun School was started in 1930 for children at ranch
(A brief history of the Desert Sun School)
November 30, 1990

Teacher's 35-Year Job Fading Away
(Joe Richert leaves the only teaching job he's ever known)
December 10, 1990

Prep School to Close
(Alice Wier says goodbye after almost 40 years of living on campus)
December 15, 1990

School's Out... Forever
Dipping enrollment, recession force Idyllwild campus to close after 60 years

(Elliott-Pope closure and final days)
December 23, 1990

Shutdown school would need cash to be put to use
(Community debates possible  plans  for TEPPS property)
January 18, 1991

Former Elliott-Pope teachers argue their contract violated
(TEPPS teachers hire lawyer to force payment of contract)
February 20, 1991

Arts academy goes forward while crisis hits education
(Idyllwild Arts Academy is granted academic accreditation)
November 1, 1992 


Do you recognize this sign?


It's a real-life mystery that has endured nearly two decades.  After being missing in action for 19 years, the long-lost Desert Sun School sign has resurfaced.  Rumor has it that this sign hanged at the entrance to the Desert Sun School at the top of Saunders Meadow Road from at least 1963 until the name of the school was changed to the Elliott-Pope Preparatory School in 1984.  The artifact was recently located by an anonymous finder.  Where has it been all these years?  If you have any information about the case of the missing sign, please email David Gotfredson, '80.

Historical Photos

(click on images below to see larger photos)

Lindstrom Lodge

golfcourse_clubhouse.jpg (168018 bytes)





1957_boysdorm.jpg (132613 bytes)



dss61sinatra-jr.jpg (52326 bytes) dss61halgroup.jpg (43790 bytes) dss61haloween.jpg (56555 bytes)
dss61richert.jpg (41074 bytes) dss61sled.jpg (64864 bytes) dss61wreck.jpg (89645 bytes) dsstruck.jpg (89035 bytes)
dss61dancin.jpg (68875 bytes)


Summer Camp


Summer of 1970

1970a.jpg (81673 bytes) 1970b.jpg (77320 bytes)

Do you know who the people in these 1970 photos are?  If so, please email the webmaster.

Desert Sun School 1978 Photo Series



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