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Use this form to search the Desert Sun School web site by keyword and/or alumni name.  Use the word "AND" between first and last names.  Example:  John and Doe.  Otherwise, the default Boolean expression is "OR".

Search for:

This form searches the entire DSS/TEPPS web site, including discussion forum messages.

Search Tips

The text search engine allows queries to be formed from arbitrary Boolean expressions containing the keywords AND, OR, and NOT, and grouped with parentheses. The default expression is OR.  For example:

desert sun
finds documents containing 'desert' or 'sun'

desert or sun
same as above

desert and sun
finds documents containing both 'desert' and 'sun'

desert not sun
finds documents containing 'desert' but not 'sun'

(desert not sun) and 80
finds documents containing '80', plus 'desert' but not 'sun'

finds documents containing words starting with 'desert'

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