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J.W. Hawkins, '74
Email:  hawk@sounddreams.net

J.W. Hawkins, founding member of the famed rock trio "Window Rock," -- who smoked all over town in 1973 shriner's side walk faire -- graduated in 1974 and went on to El Camino College to get an associate arts degree in music and to DeVry to get an electronics technician certification.  I did about 5 years of road work with the group "Jam Central," 3 years with "Illusions," started "Cycada" an all original rock group.  Got married in 1981.  Became a motor officer commissioned by the Lawndale Sheriff's Department until 1998 when an automobile put me in the hospital for 6 weeks where I lost half my left foot and a severely broken right wrist.  However, I am still able to play and my studio (Sound Dreams Recording Studio) is doing well and I've just completed its Web site -- soon to be on the net with a little help from the host.  When it gets there, my music and the music of the other founding member Ron Lasken (Class of '74 DSS alumni) will be downloadable as MP3s from www.sounddreams.net.

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