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Elizabeth "Betsy" (Sawyer) Young, '79
Email: ejsyoung@cox.net

Betsy attended the Desert Sun School from 1976 to 1979.  She sent the following update:

Hi! Hope you are well! I am living in the San Diego area with my beautiful daughter Mary (born June 2000). We love our beautiful county and we like to take advantage of all it offers..."We live where most vacation!" While life continues to bring challenges, I am blessed to be the poster child for, "All things can work for good..." (Romans 8:28) and I am grateful for still being enthused about life and I love and wear my rose colored-glasses. My Mary is incredible; funny, sweet, smart and creative and is the joy of my life. Our dog cracks us up and our cat is just "old." I can not believe my class of '79 is is preparing to join AARP... YIKES! ... so I continue to thank God for eye cream! But seriously, I am well, my favorite word this past year is "benign" and with my health, faith and darling daughter I am a pretty happy woman. I work hard, (still) boogie board when I can, am going to learn to surf this year and look forward to watching Mary play volley-ball and take acting classes. I am truly blessed to be Mary's "mommy." Smiles to everyone. As Always, Betsy

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