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Ron Saxton, '80
4437 Walnut Ave.
Chino, CA  91710
(909) 465-6945
Email: timberwolf_rls@yahoo.com

Ron attended the Desert Sun School from 1977 to 1979.  He recently sent in this update:

"In '81 & '82, I worked at Disneyland. The Summer of '83, I met my first wife (Dianna) and we were married on Christmas Eve in '87. I was doing odd jobs at the time. One of them being a bottled water delivery driver. From '89 to '96, I went through my long-hair phase while I was working for a pool service. My dad died in '96 and my mom in '97. In '97, Dianna and I had a daughter, Brittany. That year, I also started my career in the Hospitality Industry (Hotels/Motels). In 2000, my first marriage fell apart. I thought Y2K was supposed to damage computers, not marriages. HA HA.

Well, 2001 was a turning point. I started dating Anita, she would become my 2nd wife. We were friends for about all of 2000. There was something about her that I never wanted to lose. She was warm, friendly, caring and honest. Two weeks after we started dating, I asked her to marry me. I was seriously shocked when she said YES so quickly, but I was also very happy she did. I was still on motel time where you don't change the date until 5a.m. It was April 1st at 12:10a.m. I was not joking and we both know that, but she jokingly never lets me live that one down. Our son, Arden, was born in March of '02. In '03, I began working for Best Western and Anita and I also co-managed a residential motel, together. Waaayy too much stress, the owners wanted babysitters, not managers. Plus, they don't know how to run a motel. They don't care about service, they just want the money. Anita and I FINALLY got married on Dec. 11, 2004.

Our plans are to have one more child and either buy or build a motel in South Lake Tahoe. I'm always drawn to the mountains. Go figure. If I could go back in time for a day, a week, a month or a year would be even better, I would definitely choose to be back at Desert Sun School. So many good memories. I would like to hear your stories and memories, as well. Please write, call, e-mail and/or ICQ me, soon. (I'll furnish ICQ number to those who ask.)


PS:  Does anybody know where BRAD LEMONS, JOHN and WILL HARTUNG, JOHN ENGLISH, and RON VIERLING (faculty) are? Just to name a few."

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