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Wedding Photo (June 2003)

Jennifer (Markes) Flanagan
Pomfret, Connecticut

After 18 years or looking for each other, Jennifer married her college sweetheart in the apple orchard on her farm, Flanagan Hill, in Pomfret, Connecticut. They're living happily ever after in the country, in a big 200-year-old farmhouse on top of a hill surrounded by 100 acres of farmland, cows and horses.  They have two children: Huckleberry (born in 2004) and Louella Maeve (born in 2005).

Jennifer attended University of New Hampshire where she studied fine art, psychology and philosophy.  She spent the next four years traveling all over the world teaching painting for Club Med.  Jennifer has been a professional artist now for 15 years.  Below are a couple examples of Jennifer's work.


"Room with a View"

"Joe's by the Sea"

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