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Jim & Laura Parsons (faculty)
145 Carson View
Markleeville, CA  96120
(530) 694-2230
(530) 694-2116
Jim:  parsonsjw@aol.com
Laura:  parsonslm@gmail.com

Jim was a faculty member at the Desert Sun School from 1970 to 1979.  Laura was a faculty member from 1972 to 1979.

Laura earned her MA in Clinical Reading after leaving DSS and has been a reading specialist for over 15 years.  Once she retires, she says she'll probably do private consulting with teachers, parents and kids.

Jim is the Superintendent of Schools for the Alpine County Unified School District near Lake Tahoe, California.  The K-12 public school district has seven schools with an enrollment of about 150 students.

The Parsons have one daughter, Maren Elizabeth.

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