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Sue Jackson (faculty)
1233 Berkeley Street, #2
Santa Monica, CA  90404
Email:  SJacksonConsult@aol.com

Sue was a faculty member at the Desert Sun School from Sept. 1972  to Aug. 1976.  She recently sent this update:

I have very fond memories of people and experiences at DSS.  I left in 1976 to do graduate work in Math Education.  I received my Master's Degree from Stanford University in June, 1977, then returned to the L.A. area.  I taught math and computer science at Westlake School for Girls, and then Harvard-Westlake School, from 1977 to 1998.  I am currently working as a part-time computer consultant (software training), and librarian of a Christian Science Reading Room.  I'd love to hear "voices from the past"!

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